York County Action is presently a website and email report for conservative, church going Christians in York County, PA and those interested in their issues and concerns.

While it is written in part by and for individuals some who have been associated with Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation of PA and/or its local branch, our reporting does not deal exclusively with one organization but with the values voters issues and the variety of organizations, publications, websites, officeholders and candidates for office which address our issues and concerns.

This page is not part of any “express advocacy” of any candidate for political office, in behalf of any officeholder or ballot issue and is therefore not required to file with the PA Department of State or any other similar authority, federal, state or local.

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The views expressed on our associated Facebook page, website and e-newsletter are the views of the writers and not necessarily of any organization which calls itself Action, Action of PA, or York County Action.  This publication exists to advocate for our issues in the public policy arena.

Those who do not agree with us should post on those liberal and leftwing websites devoted to that purpose and where our views are not welcomed.

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We welcome subscription requests to Subscribe@YorkCountyAction.com.  Our periodic e-newsletter is complementary.  You may also "like" our Facebook page, York County Action (facebook.com/ActionYorkCounty).