What happened to the old Action?


"York County Action" has in the past been a chapter of ACTION of PA (Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation of PA), which has been a political action committee registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of State, which permitted them to endorse and lend financial support to candidates for state office – whether statewide such as Governor and Lt. Governor, etc., or for local office including county positions, judges, state senators and state representative, as well as to donate money or run campaigns urging votes for specific candidates. 

In York County, Action of PA never endorsed slates of candidates but instead endorsed only those candidates who they felt best represented their purpose, while also helping distribute voter guides to help church-going Christians determine how to vote for the candidate who best represents their informed conscience.

As a chapter of the statewide “Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation” – registered with the state as “ACTION of PA” the York chapter has in the past followed the policies and rules of the parent organization and has never filed independently or separately with the Department of State or any other government authority because it was part of a “parent” organization responsible for such filings and registrations. 

We are not associated with Action of PA (Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation) nor have any of its funds been used to put up this page or its associated e-newsletter or Facebook page.

After repeated inquiries during the last half of 2016 and through the election we have heard from their state chairman now in 2017 that Action of PA (the parent organization of the local chapter) that it continues to exist and she states that they continue to file the required reports with the state of PA as a political action committee.  As individuals, those who subscribe to the original ideals of the original Action of PA, and/or who were members, wish to continue the work begun by the dedicated conservative Christians of Action of PA and do so here with this website and its associated e-newsletter and Facebook page.

This page is not authorized by the state ACTION of PA, nor has it been approved by a vote of the York County Action board of directors.  We note however, that no Facebook page or website of the old Action of PA, ever was voted on by its board, local or state. 

This website content was drafted in good faith by those who had been members of Action of PA, and whose desire is to follow the original ideals of that organization, but to also maintain an independent website, Facebook page and e-newsletter to focus on news and the public policy issues of interest to values voters in York County, while avoiding any express advocacy for or against any candidate for office or any ballot question. 

No Action of PA funds (state or county/local) were disbursed to put up this website or its affiliated social media vehicles.  

York County ACTION will continue as a Facebook Page, website and e-newsletter to help educate, motivate, galvanize, and activate conservative Christians who wish to exert influence on public policy in the future.  We will report on news of interest to this community.

If you are part of our community we urge you to make use of these resources and to join with us in this important volunteer work.

For further information or to be added to the local e-mail newsletter list for active conservative, church-going Christians (“values voters”) please write: Subscribe@YorkCountyAction.org.