You are invited to Candidate Forum this Friday

Flyer for the 5/5 Candidate Forum sponsored by York County Action and Conservative Christian Center (click on the image to go to the full size PDF).
Flyer for the 5/5 Candidate Forum sponsored by York County Action and Conservative Christian Center (click on the image to go to the full size PDF).

York County Action joins with Conservative Christian Center to co-sponsor a free Candidate Forum this Friday, May 5 from 7 to 9 PM at the Wyndham Garden Hotel

Radio Personality Gary Sutton, Pastor Ken Gibson to speak, all candidates on the May 16 GOP Primary Ballot invited 

The May 16 Republican Primary is coming up fast and to help conservative-minded, church-going Christians in York county choose among the candidates, a “Candidate Forum” is being sponsored by York County Action and the Conservative Christian Center at the Wyndham Garden Hotel, 2000 Loucks Road (near the West Manchester Shopping Mall), York, PA from 6 to 8 PM.  Advance register for the free event to get preferred seating HERE.  The flyer for the event can be found by clicking on the thumbnail image above (which brings you to a PDF that you can view and/or print out), or HERE.

You are invited to a free
Candidate Forum
for York Conservative Christians
Friday May 5, from 7 to 9 PM
co-sponsored by
York County Action E-Newsletter
(because faith without Action is Dead) &
Conservative Christian Center
Wyndham Garden York, 2000 Loucks Rd. York PA
All candidates invited to speak & featuring
Radio Personality Gary Sutton Emcee
& his Keynote Remarks
“What we conservative Christians want from Officeholders”
& announcing the (free) Value Voters Guide
Participate in the secret ballot Straw Poll Vote
Optional: Advance Reserve for Preferred Seating
(limited seating available)
Or come early for dinner 5:30- PM (doors open 5)
Flyer HERE
Advance Register HERE

A “Candidate Survey” questionnaire which was sent to all the candidates last week, will be distributed to attendees and will also be posted after the meeting at the York County Action E-Newsletter and Conservative Christian Center website along with a score (from A down to F) given based on the answers to our questions.  Debate among the event leadership continues as to whether to give candidates who simply ignore our survey, an F grade, or a “did not participate” indication (ie. No grade) (to offer your opinion write

The new flyer to help remind you about this Candidate Forum can also enable you to recruit friends to come with you. Please print it and better yet print several copies to circulate to friends.

Donations are urgently being requested to help pay for a “Voter Guide” brochure that will include the score earned for the candidates who filled out this survey and to direct those interested in seeing the candidates’ full answers at our website.  The brochure will include the “grade” given to the candidates based upon their answer (not all questions will be included in the grading).

We also seek volunteers help to distribute this flyer at Churches during the final two weekends of services prior to the May 16 primary election.  You may donate HERE.  You may volunteer via

The original article announcing this event can be found HERE – which includes the full questionnaire as sent to the candidates.  This event is co-sponsored by non-profit organizations which do not endorse candidates or tell you who to vote for, but aim to provide you information to help you choose who you will vote for.

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