Cumberland County Conservative Christian Club considered

82% of the values voters went with Donald Trump for President in 2016 - in part because of their concerns about Hillary Clinton.
82% of the values voters went with Donald Trump for President in 2016 – in part because of their concerns about Hillary Clinton.

Values Voters record of 82% Support for Donald Trump for President helped carry Pennsylvania, bring leaders together for Thursday Dec. 1 discussion

(11/30/16, Cumberland County, PA) A group of conservative “values voters” will meet tomorrow (Thursday) night, December 1, in Carlisle, PA at the Great Hope Baptist Church to discuss how to keep church going conservatives active in the public policy process after the election of Donald Trump as President with the support of 82% of their ranks, surpassing the numbers who supported the election of GOP nominee Mitt Romney in the last election (flyer HERE).  

“Without a doubt, church going Christians made the difference in electing Donald Trump as our new President, both here in Pennsylvania which put him over the top for President and in other battleground states,” said Ross Cleveland, one of the organizers of what is temporarily being called a “conservative Christian club for Cumberland County.”

Cleveland, a local business owner and past leader of Americans for Christian Traditions in our Nation (Action of PA), said “there are many important issues where voters of faith ought to continue to exert influence including supporting President-elect Trump’s nomination of a conservative Supreme Court justice to fill a vacancy and to help create a majority to defend human life and protect religious liberty in America.  We invite like-minded friends to join us on Thursday night to discuss whether we should form a new club for this purpose in Cumberland County,” said Cleveland.

Kevin Peterson of Virginia, a member of the national board of directors of the Conservative Christian Center, will make a presentation at the meeting hoping to influence a favorable decision about forming a new club and working to increase the influence of Church going Christian conservatives on public policy.  Dale Barrick, former Pastor of the Great Hope Baptist Church, will conduct the opening prayer for the meeting, which will also feature presentations by former Action of PA leaders from York County and from Cumberland County, PA.

A spokesman for the Conservative Christian Center noted that the largest vote suppression effort in history was directed at Church going Christians in this past election, focusing repeatedly on past bad lifestyle choices of the GOP nominee while entirely ignoring far worse and even criminal behavior by the Democrat nominee.

“Our values voters chose by a wide margin to trust Donald Trump and his promises.  As Christians we believe in forgiveness and redemption, and now we need to stay active to make sure that the Trump proposals are enacted by the Republican Senate and House and not discarded or defeated as has happened so often in the past” said the Conservative Christian Center representative.

The meeting at Great Hope Baptist Church at 110 Fern Avenue, Carlisle, PA will feature several presentations and then will be open to comment and questions before attendees determine whether to proceed with the formation of a new conservative Christian Club for Cumberland County.  The leadership of ACTION of PA for Cumberland County will be present for these deliberations.

Those interested in attending need to advance reserve a place at the meeting by writing to or if they cannot attend they may be added to the mailing list via this email address (please provide name and zip code).

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